To make sure your inventory checks and fleet are up-to-date, remember to add vehicles in Captur as soon as you receive them.

Add the new vehicle within the Captur dashboard, by clicking on the "Vehicles" tab on the left-hand menu.

Click "Add Vehicle" in the upper right corner.

Attach the QR code on the vehicle.

Place QR codes on a flat surface, not bent at all around the vehicle frame, and easily accessible.

Fill out all relevant information.

It is vital that you correctly input all information, including supplier number or VRN, which can usually be found on a tag on the vehicle or a supplier sticker.

Save vehicle information, and you're done!

Uh-Oh! Why isn't Captur letting me add this vehicle?

If you receive an error messaging onboarding a vehicle, this vehicle may already be in our system!

To check, select "All" locations in the upper right dropdown, and search the vehicle or supplier number.

If the vehicle is already in the system, but in a different location, update the vehicle details to include this vehicle at your location in your inventory check.