Here is a quick guide on how to receive damage reports into your Airtable base automatically.

Step 1 - create an automation

  • Open the Airtable tab where you would like to send Captur records
  • Click on Automations and create a new automation
  • Select a trigger of when webhook received and action of create record

Step 2 - setup webhook

  • After creating the webhook trigger, copy the webhook URL and send this to the Captur team. This is the link we will use to create new records in Airtable with a report is submitted in Captur.

Step 3 - add data fields

  • After sharing the webhook URL, Captur will send a test record to your base. You can delete this record after finishing the steps below.
  • Next step is to link the Captur data to your Airtable fields.
  • To do this, click on the action 'Create new record' and add in each field you would like to populate under 'Configuration'.

Here is a guide for how to map the Captur data to your fields:

Step 4 - turn on the automation!

  • After setting up all of the fields, click 'Test action' to give it a try.
  • Last step is to turn on the automation and you're ready to go!