If you are a supplier for a customer that uses Captur for the damage and fleet reporting, you will be automatically notified of any damaged vehicles.

How to view a report:

You will receive an email from [email protected] with a link to the report for the damaged vehicle.

This report will include:

  • Supplier number or VRN
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Type of damage- click into the photo to see where the damage is reported
  • Vehicle notes
  • Vehicle location

How to close a report:

After repairing the vehicle, view the appropriate record and mark it as"Fixed and returned" if the vehicle has been returned into the fleet and is roadworthy or "Removed from fleet" if it has been taken out of circulation permanently in this fleet. It's important to take this action soon after repair to track fleet uptime.

How to see your vehicles:

Click on the "View Report" button in the email to access the record, and click on the "back" button to see all of your vehicles.

Your vehicle dashboard will show all registered vehicles in the fleet, as well as their status. You are able to filter by status and location to find vehicles that need to be repaired in specific locations.


If you have questions, please use the chat feature in the dashboard to connect with Captur support.


How do I access my supplier dashboard?

Follow the “View report” link in your email to see a damage report, and toggle back to see all damaged vehicles. You can also bookmark your supplier dashboard to easily access all vehicles.

I’m seeing old damage reports I have already fixed, how can I close these?

If you see a damage report that’s already been resolved, you can click the edit button on the report, and close it out within the dashboard.