To ensure there are physical safety checks being performed on the bike, stock check should now be done on our new mobile stock check wizard.

What's changing?

Stock checks should now be completed on your mobile phone. You'll still be able to see your store's inventory list on your phone so you can check your vehicles on the go!


We want to make sure vehicles are being checked for safety as you check your location's inventory, and make sure bikes in your stock check list are physically at your store.

What's the new process?

  • Scan the vehicle's QR code, or go to and click the "+" button, and select “stock check” as the record type.
  • You will see all vehicles registered at your location, and you can now begin checking your vehicles!
  • Confirm the first vehicle's location, status, and check for any damage. Submit a clear photo of the vehicle, tag any damage, add notes, and submit the record.
  • After completing, you will be able to see a full list of vehicles in your location, with a checkmark by vehicles that have been checked.
  • Repeat until all vehicles have been checked.