Submitting a check in Captur is easy- all you need is a mobile phone with a camera and internet access!

  1. Scan the QR code on the vehicle with your phone's camera- this will take you to a pre-filled report with the correct vehicle ID.
  2. Select the type of report, whether it's a pre or post-check or a damage report.
  3. Confirm your location and the vehicle reference number, and confirm if there is any damage to report on the vehicle.
  4. Click "Take Photos" and take a photo with the bike or moped, standing upright and alone. Try to get the whole vehicle in the picture, and if there is any damage, get a close-up photo of the issue.
  5. If you do spot damage, click on the damage in the photo, and select the damage type from the list of tags. Click next to finalize details!
  6. Click submit, and you're done! If you completed a pre-check, remember to submit a post-check in Captur as well! To start again, scan a new QR code.