“Captur transformed our fleet process from dependence on spreadsheets to a one platform reporting system. It enables the stores and suppliers to benefit from real-time data and provide effective resolve for a great uptime.”- Nadeem Sherwani, Fleet Operations Manager at Zapp


Creating a scalable process for damage reporting and fleet health on a quickly-growing delivery fleet.

When launching Captur for Zapp we had the goal of simplifying the fleet management and damage reporting process to make it accessible and usable for all members of the organization- even those without previous fleet management experience. Prior to Captur, this organization was using several processes to manage their fleet: manual sign-in and out of vehicles on clipboards for employees, spreadsheets to track damage, and manual reporting into multiple supplier tools.


Simplify the reporting process by auto-triaging, accurate real-time data, and integrations with current tools.

We began mapping the implementation of Captur, replacing the manual spreadsheets for damage reports and the bike sign-out clipboard with Captur, giving both riders and managers the ability to report damage and submit photos, which would then be automatically triaged in Captur. We then worked with suppliers to integrate with their systems- requiring managers to only submit one damage report in Captur which would then be pushed to the suppliers’ system with details of the report. With these applications in place, we were able to significantly reduce workload for managers, create an accurate, real-time source of information for fleet managers, and give insight into fleet uptime and vehicle performance.


Reduced workload for busy managers and increased visibility into fleet health within one user-friendly tool.

In order to make this change successful, we had to extensively interview users and discover what processes worked for them, and which were taking up valuable time. We had a goal to create a technical solution for users with a wide range of technical expertise. Creating a damage reporting process that was intuitive and accessible, as well as creating automation and integrations helped us reduce workload for already-busy fleet managers.

By reducing manager workload for damage reporting and fleet management, we saved around 4 hours of manual reporting per location, per week, giving managers back valuable time. In addition, vehicle uptime increased by 20.3% in less than three months as damage reporting became more automated.

The last-mile delivery industry is skyrocketing, and making a scalable solution to manage quickly-growing fleets was a priority for Captur. Partnering with Zapp to create these solutions for last-mile delivery gave us an insightful view into this industry and energized us to find a solution that will help managers save time and headaches as they deliver groceries all over the UK, France, and the Netherlands.